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I have one. The question I have is recording. it has ins and outs for tape 1 and tape 2. I remember reading on the manual you can't tape from 1 to the other. I don't remember if you can't record from tape 1 to tape 2 or the other way around. I have a cassette deck and a CD recorder. Anyone know?.

My BluRay player is reading regular DVDs but not BluRay discs. What could be the problem and how do I fix it?

Best answer: Equalization is not generally used to increase over all volume. It is used to boost certain frequency bands to compensate for room absorption and such like, usually at very subtle levels. It is not the overall volume control. The volume controls do that job. Normally, a receiver like yours has an automatic setup... show more

Best answer: The amp supplied to the subwoofer is for the subwoofer. Your "passive" speakers are not powered, and expected to be connected to your home receiver system, or stereo amp to supply the power needed. The subwoofer either filters out, or is not supplied with, anything in the mid or high frequencies - just... show more

It should come standard.

My philips HTL 5140 soundbar's subwoofer cannot wake up on its own.Main unit works fine.Every time i have to press the start button on the back of sub,not only that also need to reset the unit until it is paired.any answers will be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance

Best answer: Look at the Tech Specs for the audio of tv, then match up to the sound bar. TV: Audio Return Channel (ARC) Yes (HDMI 2) So make sure sound bar supports ARC to get the best bang for the buck. ETC for other features.

I have a newer LG smart tv in my bedroom and the speakers suck. I am wanting to add a soundbar I also have Cox Cable and want to be able to operate the soundbar volume with the Cox remote. Can someone tell me if there is a decent soundbar that will let me use the Cox remote. I tried a Jensen soundbar, but it... show more

Best answer: It's likely that you could, but why would you want to connect such cheap junk to a fine TV ? What you should get to connect to a high end 4K TV is a 4K capable BluRay player, and get a proper home theater audio receiver with a set of proper home audio speakers. Connecting a DVD player to a 4K TV is like... show more

I have a logitech 2.1 computer soeajer system connected to my tv. When I watch streaming movies online, every once in a while I get 10 minutes of distorted echoey sound. Then it just goes away and is fine. Why is this?