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My last name is Shoemaker, does that mean my ancestors made shoes? I always wondered what it actually meant. Does anybody have a clue?

My last name is Lynch and I feel guilty.

Best answer: It's a lot more accurate than trusting family stories about who did who.

Gustafson is the surname of my 6 footer 4 tall male friend for my whole life time since I was kid. I googled the origin of his surname GUSTAFSON, ancestry website shows me that it's both swedish, Norwegian and Danish etc... I am not sure if Gustafson is Norwegian name or Swedish name...

Hello, just wondering if anyone can help me find some helpful info on my last name day? I have asked family but not to helpful being my grandparents passed away,... my nationality is Italian Indian Irish German bohemian English , from what I been told, I’ve tried looking it up but nothing helpful and confusing ,... show more

How I prove I'm Cherokee?

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Best answer: Do you have a starting point? Do you know what side of the family it would be on, and how far back? Do you know where they may have lived? Because the only way to really prove this, is not by DNA, because DNA doesn't prove anything other than having DNA in common, and you may not have inherited the Native... show more

( No ‘e’ at the end ). Thank you

Best answer: One of the spelling varients Ravenhall, Ravenell, Ravenall, and Ravenhill, this is an English langauge surname. Maybe from a locational name of Ravenshill in the North Riding of Yorkshire, may have been other places called 'Ravenhill' which are now 'lost' but could be from the early ancient... show more

I took DNA test?

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I found out that I’m from Russia, Poland, Germany Estonia Latvia and Ukraine could this mean my ancestors were Jewish?

Best answer: it is an English lanaguge word from a personal name or nickname, derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "Golda" (masculine), or "Golde" (feminine), meaning "gold", originally given to one with bright golden hair, or perhaps in some cases to a "precious" person.... so... show more

Are African-Americans really 70-80 percent African, 20-25 Percent European, and 0.8 percent Native American? Many African-Americans do not even have an recent ancestor, such as a great-grandparent, grandparent, or parent that is listed as White or Mulatto on census records. My grandparents are listed as Mulatto... show more

Best answer: Well, if it turns out NOT to be Johnny Jenkins, there is another way, albeit one which will take a long time. That is the uniform of someone in the third waffen SS division totenkampf. according to the collar patch. Unfortunately, that particular patch, the SS death's head, was also issued to death's head... show more

If someone is 85 percent African and have non-African mixture, are they Multi-racial, like I read on Wikipedia? Can they identify as multi-racial if their ancestors were listed as Mulatto on the census?

Is Ross a Jewish surname?

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Best answer: Sometimes. I went to high school with a guy whose surname was Jimanez, which in Spanish is pronounced "he-man-ez". He insisted we call him "Gym-en-ez".