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Best answer: Brainwashing is very complete in many. DON'T rock my boat. If everyone thinks about SCHOOL, ask yourself whether THINKING or critical thinking was taught? Unless in very conscribed circumstances, like some piece of literature. Mostly, we were SHOWN, TOLD the 'right answer' and the TEST was... show more

Isn’t just a deprived mind to compare those to each other? I understand conservatives want to promote polygamy and incest in their churches.

Do meds work for depression?

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My dad has recently revealed that he was planning on killing himself a he checked into rehab and everything a few months ago and everything kinda was very sore for my family for a long time and every now and then I catch him seeming so depressed and sad I am so worried and scared because I don’t know what I’d do... show more

I have server depression and anxiety I want to know does marijuana help?

Are atheists delusional?

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Best answer: It can definitely be quite crippling. Right now you need to focus on taking good care of yourself -- eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercising every day, and getting enough sleep. You should also try to find activities that bring you pleasure. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

I'm on the brink of suicide where I don't actually want to do it but I'm not sure I can cope with the pain anymore of being alive. I can't tell anyone because I've been suicidal before and they just put me in psychiatric units. If I go to a psychiatric unit I won't be able to finish college... show more

Best answer: This retired medical professional suggests you look up "selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors," or SSRIs for your answer. These are commonly prescribed drugs for mental distress, but have symptoms that include increased depression and suicidal/homocidal impulses. Yet phsicians are encouraged to... show more

Best answer: I'm circumcised (i.e. no foreskin) and yeah, oral sex feels fantastic and is part of regular sex. I love it and it's a big part of having sex. But I think it's a circumcised thing. And since guys in the US are circumcised it's a normal part of sex here (thank-god!). I have a Euro friend who is... show more

Which is worst?

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A brother having a sexual relationship with his sister or a 14 year old having a sexual relationship with a 21 year old?

Can you Kill yourself Painlessly.?

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Best answer: in church .

I want to be a '90s and a 20th century baby, being born in 2000 won't give you those privileges.

I’ve been diagnosed with depression and my mother told me that I should do something to get out of the house / do something to get my mind off stress. She suggested I found something to do which offered classes / lessons. I was thinking maybe piano lessons. Do any of you have any other ideas? Thank you!

When do i really start living?

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alright, can be said that this is more a rant than a question, but i need someone else's point of view of this matter, its keeping me up lately. well im a saudi girl and ive just turned 18. i still have a curfew, all my life what ive done with my hours is internet. ive had friends and explored here and... show more