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I'm a type 1 diabetic and, since my school doesn't let me carry my insulin syringes and insulin, I have to go to the nurse's office pretty often for blood sugar checks and insulin injections. I feel like it's going to be awkward with the nurse being my mom. At school the nurse has to do the blood... show more

Is there a chance I'm pregnant?

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I'm currently on two different birth controls. The pill and the implant. The pill was given to me to regulate my period. So, for now, I'm on two birth controls. On top of that, my boyfriend and I always use condoms, except for one time last week where we didn't, and he came inside me. I checked on my... show more

My daughter is 22 (soon to be 23) and took a low paying job out of high school. She works about 32 hours/week as a cashier. Her bosses seems like they really like her, but there's no room for advancement at her job. She does help out with cooking/cleaning/etc. around the house, plus she's saved quite a... show more

What do you think of the name Dinah for a girl?

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She should let them grow up and decide if they want to follow organized religion. Not start brainwashing them from a young age. They should play instead of wasting their time listening to rubbish.

My son has a microwave in his room?

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My son is 10 and I found a microwave in his room while cleaning. It has a 10$ sticker from salvation's one of those old dial microwaves with a bell in it. it is plugged in and just sitting on his desk. What would a 10 year old have a microwave for? I don't want him to think im not respecting his... show more

What Is The Ideal Age To Get Pregnant?

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What are your favorite names?

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Best answer: I like Adam Nicholas Carson And then Lily Evelyn Chloe So my choice would be Adam and Lily

Which middle name do you prefer better with Layla?

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Layla Grace Or Layla Aurora

Do you like the name Zack?

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Middle name suggestions, last name is Smith.

What do you think of the name Chastity for a girl?

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Opinions on the name Frankie?

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Best answer: its cute reminds me of anne franke

Give name that starts with 0?

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Do you prefer Casey as a guy or a girls name?

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