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Why don't women go bald?

19 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Some do. The ones that do generally wear wigs, so you can't tell. The condition of pattern baldness is inherited through the mother in mitochondrial DNA. Pattern baldness is triggered by a genetic disposition for dihydrotestosterone (DHC), a natural occurring endogenous androgen sex steroid, to cumulatively... show more

Whats the best colour?

8 answers · 17 hours ago

Or do you look washed out

Red or ombre hair?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Ombre hair! Btw you are beautiful..

Best answer: yikes. with the dreads, I would have to say yes more likely.

How to cut a short bob hair style?

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Help me!!!?

18 answers · 6 days ago
I am a 21 year old guy I have suddenly got 3 or 4 white hairs in my moustache What should I do???

Hello, so a few months ago I found a strand of white hair, just one, I freaked out and pulled it out. I'm only 19 so I was shocked and I don't think it runs in my family because my mom is 45 and she's just getting her first strands. Secondly something weird happened just today I found another strand but... show more

Best answer: That’s strict dawg

I've naturally very dark brown hair, I bleached my already blue and brown hair to redye it blue again because it was very faded , where it was blue turned white and the brown turned yellow and orange in some areas, I saturated my whole head with blue manic panic, where it was white is dark blue, where it was... show more

How short should I cut my hair?

5 answers · 1 day ago
It is waist length and I want it short but not too short.

Whenever I wash my hair I lose like a clump of hair... Its disgusting, but is it normal?

Best answer: I think they all look great myself Which ever one you pick I'm sure it will look Awesome on you

My hair is about twelve inches long when its straightened and my mom always made me believe that it was long. At my longest it was probably just an half an inch to a full inch longer so it's never been long though I thought it was. I've always wanted to have long hair but I never knew how to care for my... show more