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Do ALL Women shave their legs?

11 answers · 2 hours ago
I've never had any hair on my legs and never have to shave. My legs stay totally hairless. I'm not hairy at all. Even my pubes and pits. Do all women shave ?

Do you like this haircut?

20 answers · 2 days ago
Hi guys, I'm looking for a new haircut, do you think this looks nice? Bonus question: I am growing my hair to this lenght but I can't figure out what lenght the hair on the top are, what do you guys think? Thank you! ;)

I'm not going to cut it

Best answer: the sarne way you told us

Dyed hair at M&S?

5 answers · 1 day ago
I’ve just finished school for the summer and i’ve dyed my hair alpine green. I’ve already got the job at M&S but i haven’t had my training day yet - will my hair affect my job in any way?

Best answer: Hair should always be tied up for an interview as this looks more professional

So I went to one of those chain haircutting places today to get a haircut, I'm not super familiar with barbers in general because I had one guy i used to go to just knew how I liked it did a good job. I dont ask for anything fancy just want a good professional looking hairstyle. Well when I got home it looked... show more

Should I shave my pubic hair?

4 answers · 23 hours ago

I unfortunately started losing my hair from the front and the back at age 23 and I am now at 33. I have what you call a bald crown, where the whole top is bald and only hair follicles on the side, so I razor shave my head. Soon as I realized I couldn't spike my hair anymore at 23, I would get the hair clippers... show more

I've never understood how this works. How to make this less awkward for me please as I am very shy. when they say all done and you're still sitting in the salon chair is that the time u hand cash to them? or do u wait until u get to the register pay for the whole haircut and hand the tip to the receptionist... show more

i have a lot of arm hair as a woman. I don’t just want to get rid of it or shave it (bc it gets prickly).. any idea on how i can reduce or make it less noticeable or more normal? Lol thanks

Best answer: You should not wash your hair every day, or you will wash you wash all the natural oils out.

Best answer: They want to stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of pressure to be an individual and different from everyone else.