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I was using the internet like normal, looking up videos And just looking at weather reports. And the I got this message 'our system detected unusual traffic from your computer network' Am I being spied on and is all my internet usage being watched or looked into? Is this something to worry about? I was not... show more

If Linux is more secure is it because Linux was designed with security in mind? Or because it's usage is so low compared to Windows that hackers don't really try to screw with it too much?

Ip Addresses?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
I visited a pretty sketchy website called ‘live gore’ and watched a disturbing video. I didn’t make a account or anything, but a idea popped into my mind and scared me. Could anyone get my IP address and link it to where I live?

Never had to do this before

How do I change my IP address?

6 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: If you really want to feel better, when you run your computer through a wifi router, the router, not your computer, is the IP address. You can keep your computer and change your router. You would have a new IP address.

there a little lock icon near the website link on the search bar. Does that lock mean the website legal?

Hello, I m currently getting rid of many task processes because my laptop isn t personnel anymore. There are people who can see all of my activities and I m being cyber bullied. So now I want a list of suspicious Task programs. processes. software or spyware that I can terminate.

Hi, Last night, I found drugs in my daughter's room. I was so shocked. But instead of me going to her and tell her what I found, I decided I want to know who gave my daughter the drugs first. She has her phone on her at all times so I wanted to see if I can get into her MacBook without her knowing. She uses it... show more

I had microsoft essentials for a while but my hard drive still got corrupted and damaged. I now have a new hard drive but need some advice on which free antivirus is best.

Need antivirus(free) protection?

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Best answer: No updates & all premium features will be disabled, your computer is no longer protected. Uninstall it and go with MalwareByte or stick with good old windows essential defender, it's free and already installed in windows 10. If your worried about your computer being infected already, back up all your... show more

Best answer: I think whoever selected the default correct answer was sometimes wrong. A street light in the distance for example. Also, I think something just barely being included in the next frame is hard to judge. They should choose better images to use.

Best answer: You don't go to a company to get a valid birth certificate. You go to the appropriate government office at the city hall you were born from. If your country has a centralized system, you can get it at any city hall you are near from.

I really don’t know what’s going on, it began to say something about my IP address as well?? I’m scared that the police will come, I wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. Please help.