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I want to install antivirus in my computer please help me.

Best answer: They have probably spoofed your email, they can insert your email address into an SMTP server and it appears to have come from you. This article explains

I think my computer was hacked .?

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Stop the popups ads?

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Am I safe now? I changed my username and password. Im really scared that’s something bad is going to happen

Best answer: That's called a 419 scam. Look it up. If you want, you can have a little fun with this sumbitch before he gives up on you. Also look up scam baiting.

Best answer: Its a scam. If they had access to all your information, they would never let you know it, they would use it without your knowledge. No hacker/scammer would ever let their victim know they have their information....

Best answer: Without proof he has hacked you, he is just trying to scare you into complying. Ignore him, it is a "fear" scam.

I wanna buy something lude lol but obviously dont want my parents to find out. S ye.

Like if I have a completely new PC that I ve never installed any software on, can it still get hacked? If so, how do I protect against that? My PC is also connected to the internet. Like can it get hacked without malware? And go through the firewall?

Best answer: 2016 is a bit old anyway, but its one key one computer reinstalling though is allowed on the same machine

Best answer: While there are a couple of viruses that block the cmd app, there are thousands that do not. Being able to open cmd is not proof that you do not have a virus. Ad Blocker is limited in what it blocks. There are still dozens of pop ups that get around Ad Blocker by using creative ways to pop up a window with an... show more