Aircraft's questions - Malay iziqna The Airship America was abandoned in 1906 by it's crew and hasn't been seen since. Is it possible it's still flying around?

So I’ve been watching a lot of airplane videos and I wondered “what would happen if you flew your personal airplane from Canada to America and landed without a passport?”

Boeing or Airbus?

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If you chose Boeing what is your favorite plane from them?If you chose airbus what is your favorite from them?This is an unpopular opinion but I like the A330

Two airplanes flying over western Oregon but one was right behind the other like they were refueling. Were these commercial? Military? They kinda looked like commercial jets. Too far up to tell. How can I find out ?

Best answer: during WW2 the Germans used a Porridge Like solution The most important innovation was Reimar Horten’s idea to coat it in a mix of charcoal dust and wood glue. This was the same method eventually used by the U.S. in its first stealth aircraft in the early 1980s, the F-117A Nighthawk. The plane was covered in... show more

Getting a private pilots license?

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I’m 20 and I want to get my private pilots license, how hard is it how long does it take and what’s the average cost

Best answer: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing more than THREE years ago. If it hasn't been found yet, "all the countries of the world" are NOT going to expend the kind of resources that might be required to find the wreck. More likely that it will NEVER be found (like Amelia Earhart's airplane) or... show more

Best answer: The idea is if one gets food poisoning, the other will (hopefully) still be OK. It's a bit of an urban legend. I think pilots eat whatever the hell they want.

The Underwater Locator Beacon operates at a very high frequency of 37.5 KHz, this is confusing for multiple reasons. 1. This is not in the audible range of the Human Ear, meaning it will require special equipment to even detect it even if a vessel or diver is directly over it. This can prevent many additional... show more

Best answer: Almost everything you need book-wise for training in the USA can be downloaded as PDF files for free from the FAA website. These are the books that ALL commercially available materials are based on: Airman's Information Manual (AIM) Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Airplane Flying Handbook: Aviation... show more

Best answer: Turboprops are more efficient at lower altitudes. They excel in shorter flights, while turbofans at high altitude (which takes time/distance to do) are even more efficient.

Best answer: There's nothing to stop you from GETTING the license, but you won't find a job flying airplanes with a history of alcohol abuse or drunk driving.

Best answer: There are certain cloud patterns at certain levels of humidity and temperature that form a grid of identical shapes. Resembles a set of fish scales. See this:

Best answer: In 2 years the commercial aircraft will look exactly like they look now. It takes a year to "cut in" even a minor change to the existing design into the production flow. With hybrid propulsion you are talking an entirely new design, using a yet unproven technology, that will require many more years of... show more

Best answer: Any time there is an airplane accident it is investigated by a team of experts from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). This is true for any airplane accident, not just airliners. The investigators are responsible for determining what caused the accident, and suggesting ways to prevent this... show more