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a broken curtain and mould near the window...I live in Manchester.

I finally stood up against them and now I finally feel myself becoming truly independent, because none of my inner feelings will solve if I stay here. Can someone help me with advice on how to save up money for property the right way in the UK? I actually have a lot of savings in the bank, Cash savings with... show more

Best answer: What the average person should pay has nothing to do with their age, and everything to do with their income and other necessary expenses. You should have a monthly budget for "discretionary spending", AFTER accounting for necessities like shelter, food (that you eat and cook at home), transportation,... show more

Which car for touring Europe?

6 answers · Manchester · 2 weeks ago
I m looking to buy a fun, cheap car to tour Europe for a few months this summer with. Ideally I d like a rear wheel drive like an old MX-5 or something along those lines. Price range is £1,500-£2,000 ($2,000-£2,500). What do you folks recommend? All advice welcome

Did you have a good day, what did u do today?

25 answers · Liverpool · 4 weeks ago

What do you think of Remainer Jamie Oliver going bust?

11 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 4 weeks ago
Will he now be able to leave The UK if we go for Brexit (his bust company is a limited company, not touching his other wealth).

Favorite Place to Eat in London?

3 answers · London · 1 month ago
Best answer: Hoppers

I don't know if it's a right but I do know that bosses can become bullies when an employee skips work to celebrate. To avoid being bullied by the boss at work, I usually take the whole week off on my birthday saying that I'm ill, my boss can't prove I'm lying so he shut the fck up, my doctor is... show more

Hi all, I was out and about with colleagues a few years ago and was pretty drunk. We decided to go for a meal and ended up at this very nice/fairly expensive Indian restaurant. I'd like to take the Mrs there one day but can't remember where it is. Can you help me find it? Here's what I... show more

Any good takeaways open on Christmas Day in London?

0 answers · London · 7 months ago
Going away for Christmas. Will be getting takeaway, can't afford to book a table at a restaurant as I'm on a budget and I'm going by myself anyway for some peace. Indian or Chinese will do. Nothing special.

I can't eat pub food anymore, why?

6 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 9 months ago
Best answer: after a while, you get "pubbed-out"

I am trying to find a good restaurant with reasonable prices in my area or around my area

How big are servings usually overseas?

8 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 11 months ago
If my family goes to a mid price range restaurant very seldom are we all able to finish our food, despite how hungry we are. Especially in restaurants like Olive Garden where you also get bread and salad on top of a huge plate or bowl full of food. So we usually end up taking a third home for leftovers. But doggie... show more

Where is a good Indian in London?

9 answers · London · 11 months ago
My work colleague has just moved to London from India and is struggling to find a good variety of Vegetarian food/ Authentic Indian. Where are the most authentic Indian Restaurants in London? We add a lot of stuff for the English Palate so I m trying to find him a list of places where it would be closest to how... show more