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Why is homeschooling bad?

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Best answer: Because Mueller is bright enough to know that "collusion" is just another word for conspiracy, which IS a crime. It would be like saying we can't prosecute Joe for "ripping off" a car, or for "jacking" a car, because "rip off". and "jacking" is a word you cannot... show more

Is this how evolution works?

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I dreamt that I let one of my cucumbers grow too big and it grew eyes and a mouth and stubby little legs that it walked around on. It was about the size of a wiener dog.

How do you feel about homeschool?

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Best answer: Depends on what he wants. He may have to switch schools a lot but if he's OK with that then go for that. If he wants to be home schooled let him honeschool. You can also do online school. That would be pretty good (if he wants to)

I like facebook?

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The current trade war was never started by trump but by those who refuse to go by an agreement they signed in the mid 90s so why are they blaming trump

I was halfway through my junior year when I left public school because of really severe anxiety. I was never a slacking student, I got really good grades and always did my homework. However I tried to do homeschooling online to graduate and i couldn't keep up with it and now I'm having to decide if I should... show more

Best answer: Religious scriptures mean whatever people interpret them to mean.

It was anyone under Mosaic Law....Your parents brought any charge...The charge IS the testimony...Judge would not pronounce guilt he would have to accept your charge....the whole proceeding was to PREVENT abuse of parents -- And most importantly Supastar is wrong -- there is absolutely NO RECORD in the whole... show more

simply that it accepts race and science does not. Maybe Adam was purple !! So what There's No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label - National ... The Race Issue - National Geographic https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/04/ Race Is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue - Scientific... show more

NO FOOL, GOEBBEL'S DIARIES YOU FOOL RECENT !!! FOOL RECENT "he also made private and public statements expressing admiration for what he perceived to be the militaristic nature of Islam and the political cunning of the Prophet Muhammad." The Führer is deeply religious, though completely... show more

Best answer: Yes!

What can I buy after school?

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After a hard day in school I think I deserve something. I think I'll go to the store and buy cigarettes or sodas. But I want to know what else can I buy.

i know im supposed to be an adult and be mature all the time but i cant help it. i like feeling of being young and dumb still and enjoy being young.i don't want to get old. but in saying that i still work and i enjoy that pay bills, pay rent for my apartment, pay taxes, and other responsible adult stuff im... show more

Best answer: The best thing you can do is get off of yahoo answers, home of the sanctimonious moms, and think of your own reasons why you want to go to school rather than being homeschooled. There’s nothing wrong with preference for either style of education. People are individuals. It’s normal to want a little independence... show more