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Mississippi is so much better than Montreal and Quebec. Agree?

10 answers · Polls & Surveys · 1 day ago
If Americans or foreigners want to see a bunch of black people, why dont they just go to a Southern American state like Mississippi? Plus Mississippi has Mississippi Mud pie, Fried Chicken, the Delta Blues, and the black people are segregated but are harmless and decent......unlike Quebec's Somali thugs.

Is it okay to eat hot dogs? Those poor little doggies!?

13 answers · Jokes & Riddles · 6 days ago
Best answer: Only Dachshunds (Sausage Dogs)

I know Canada is in squalor, and Canadians envy Americans. But do they drive all the way down from Canada to the States to fly sonewhere? From what I've observed, people in Toronto use the airports in New York City or Chicago. People in Montreal use Logan Airport in Boston. People in Vancouver and Calgary go... show more

Europe is overrated, and only EUROPEANS like Europe. True?

8 answers · Other - Switzerland · 6 days ago
Asia, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, England, Australia, and believe it or not, PARTS of the US, all are increasingly popular. Europe is for gays, women and rapefugees these days.

True or false? Englishmen are friendlier than the French?

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London and Birmingham are friendlier than Paris and Montreal. The English are nice and polite, whereas the French are snobby, crabby and mean.

Best answer: Yes. That's where we got some of our technology from. The beams and "debris" images you see in the famous pictures are NOT the originals. Aliens have been in the government for decades. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE

Does Fireball need to take her own advice and GUS?

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Best answer: Fireball always says not to call people out, but she keeps calling out this Gus guy. I don't know why she hates him so much. I've never even met him.

Best answer: Interesting that you consider arresting a Chinese national on behalf of the United States to be akin to a declaration of war to the point that in your simple, weak mind, shooting Canadians is what you think would "help". You must be terribly unintelligent.

Can I fix my car's bumper with bubble gum?

7 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 week ago
It dun rusted off. Don't got me no tools, but I do got me some bubblegum.

Can you hatch ground beef from an egg?

4 answers · Jokes & Riddles · 6 days ago
I need some ground beef, but I have no money, I have, however, inherited an entire storage unit of eggs from my great uncle Billie Clem, can i hatch ground beef, or even just regular old beef? Please help.

The USA is much whiter (has more white people) than Canada. Fact?

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The USA is the whitest country on the planet. Everybody there is of English origin too. Canada is just a black, Arab, Mexican, Indian and Chinese hellhole. Ling live Murica!!!!!!!! White power!!!!! Long live the white English race!!!!!

Does Vancouver (BC) have a purpose?

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The whole of Vancouver Island (not just the city itself) is a non white cesspit. Surrey is New Delhi, Richmond and the entire core are massive Chinatowns, Victoria is all black and Muslim, Langley is getting infested. The rural parts of the island are rapidly filling up with third world monkeys. White people... show more