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Best answer: Given some of the scores I'm aware of, you're not in bad shape. Look, some people just don't test very well. When I was in high school, a friend and I both applied to Yale. She had some of the worst SAT scores I've ever seen -- far, far lower than mine. However, she was a top student with very... show more

What should I do about my mind?

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Best answer: It is very bad, because it is offensive to want another person to experience a painful death.

Hey i have a serious question?

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So today i took my final exam it is the 4th exam of the class and i feel like i failed it. i passed the first three exams barely. I completed all other requirements of the class. Did i pass the class or fail?

Was taking a 5 question exam today. I thought we had an hour but the teacher failed to mention we only have 10 minutes, so I spent more Time on the first two questions then I should ve and I only answered 2 out of 5.

Is an "A-level" an exam?

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Best answer: No. An "A-Level" (short for "General Certificate of Education: Advanced Level") is a qualification. Obtaining an A-Level will usually require passing several exams, and possibly fulfilling other criteria such as coursework or practical assessments. Obtaining an A-Level will usually result in... show more

I've been having problems passing the written test. So far, I've taken it 2 times and failed it. I've been taking the practice test online. I manage to get a lot of questions on the practice test correct. But there are always a few questions that confuse me and I always get wrong. Maybe if I write down... show more

Best answer: No. An exam (short for examination) is the actual test that you take. Some exams lead to qualifications, some don't. Some qualifications require exams, some don't. Update2: I've no idea how people in the USA use the word "certificate" - I'm fortunate enough to have never lived... show more

Best answer: You have just proved that you are another idiotic troll by your question. If you have such a high IQ how come you can't even spell the word 'have'?

Im taking summer school right now, i only failed french and math exam. Im retaking it after 4 weeks again. If i fail again, it will be the 4th time of not passing. I failed because i was too depressed. Am i a loser?

Is an IQ of 137 good?

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I am a 15 year old girl. I just took an IQ test and it said that my IQ was 137. Is this good, bad, or average for a person my age?

Best answer: Just one or the other. You would be better off taking the same exam twice. Most students score higher the second time.

Best answer: If you are in the UK, you can be fined and charged with breach of the peace if someone complains. In the USA, it seems that it depends on the state and possibly the local police force.